Friday, December 20, 2013

WEB PRESS CREATIVE ... a different kind of CMS

WEB PRESS CREATIVE ... a different kind of CMS

Web Press Creative (WPC) is a Content Management System (CMS) website with a new angle on the design. Although WPC is designed to be used primarily as a CMS website, there are some very unique ideas built into it. The development and design is centered at the core of the application in being “globally evolving”, meaning as the application becomes more complex and advanced and as additional functions and plug-in's are added to the core design the application itself will not need to be re-engineered or take on any changes to the scripts already in use.

Advanced GUI CMS Menu

As an example, most other designs in current use by other developers will build the applications around a structured database in which the tables and columns are in a state that puts limits on even minor changes and has a predetermined limit on functionality without making major changes to its database and all scripts using those affected database tables.

To make the changes that type of design would require the website to be completely shut down and re-written or patches to be applied, and once again limits would be inherent to its design with repeating those steps again and again.

That is a complete polar opposite to the foresight intensely developed into WPC. The design of WPC’s core is designed to be limited only by the limitations of the database in as the maximum data that can be stored in a single table row column and since the values WPC’s core uses to function are very small per column row making WPC almost limitless in the growth and complexity of its application core.

Also the core is written and arranged is such a way that adding any new secondary applications and functions act in the same manner as current “plug and play” devices do on present computer systems operating systems.

Additional software added to WPC is installed in the same type of action as Microsoft Windows installers and also have auto uninstall functionality deleting all files, folders and core values back to the state before the installation was made.

The core itself is developed in the same engineering order as any computer system, software and OS in which starting with a machine orated user unfriendly code system is first order, a primary programing language, CLI and void of any complex graphical user interface (GUI). As in layers of application complexity the languages become increasingly more powerful and easier to recall and use for the human user communicating with the machine.

Automated complex coding grouped into independent directives take the place of hundreds of lines of the code evolutionary lower than the one relative to the one the user currently operates.

Steps in this machine evolutionary language chain are completely necessary for the directives used in GUI's to work properly within every possible program environment without error.

WPC of course is limited by the operation of its environment, being server sided creating certain conditions which some elements of communication from user to machine, functionality and speed are greatly reduced in comparison to running an application and OS with the machine at the users location.

Security restrictions also play a major role in these limitations. WPC is engineered with evolutionary languages similar as described in the previous paragraphs of this document.

Using CLI type functionality and independently core wide sub-scripting makes adding applications by developers independent from core engineering developers simple to develop.

Built in design of plug-in type of applications remain consistent with the over all functionality, appearance and layout without any modifications and chances of application error become less likely.

The manner in which the WPC core functions makes it very flexible, adding variables and new values to its core are added to the database in a previously existing table column row string and in no way effects original values and can also be easily removed or changed without any changes to previous existing database structures instantly without interruption.

Data is stored in a single mySQL column row which maximizes page load speeds along with sever sided gzip compression makes WPC very fast with data transfers over the internet.

Coding also is written in its simplest form to optimize process speed and limit the chance of error.

Another insight into design is WPC’s functionality for the user to develop scripts on the fly and on the server without uploading. Security option features allow for scripts to be ran with a low level of possibility of a breach by unauthorized intruders.

Single allowable administrative users insure some level of anti-interception. But without an SSL user/password transmission over the internet is in plain text.

Scripts are executed from the server path independent from the domain or relative root/path. Themes and templates are embedded into page scripts by the “include” directive and not echo to the browser.

It has been a priority to place as much page data and values data in the database as allowed including HTML and CSS in as for reliable functionality will allow.

All these combined invites the administrative user to be creative within sessions. Uploading, deletion and control over these within an advanced menu system, access to all core database column rows and values with just a mouse click. Independent add-on specialized advanced user friendly GUI menus and custom options.

WPC is much more than an ordinary CMS website, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

No limitations, full version always free to the public.

Thank you,

Donald Dion
WPC Developer
CEO Softnet Technologies - Tulsa, OK