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Web Press Creative ... No clowning around

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Web Press Creative ...
No clowning around 

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NEW! Facebook Plug-in for Web Press Creative with many
new features see the 
myFBpage plug-in see details here!!

Current version is v5.63.6 - Check your installed core version in the settingsmenu for this version v5.63.6 biuld date 2014-01-08.

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WPC Evil Clown
Web Press Creative (WPC) is a Content Management System (CMS) website with a new angle on the design. Although WPC is designed to be used primarily as a CMS website, there are some very unique ideas built into it. The development and design is centered at the core of the application in being “globally evolving”, The design of WPC’s core is designed to be limited only by the limitations of the database in as the maximum data that can be stored in a single table row column and since the values WPC’s core uses to function are very small per column row making WPC almost limitless in the growth and complexity of its application core. Also the core is written and arranged is such a way that adding any new secondary applications and functions act in the same manner as current “plug and play” devices do on present computer systems operating systems. The manner in which the WPC core functions makes it very flexible, adding variables and new values to its core are added to the database in a previously existing table column row string and in no way effects original values and can also be easily removed or changed without any changes to previous existing database structures instantly without interruption.
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Whats in development right now?

Web Press Creative developers are beginning development on the following:

Development has begun on a template/plug-in set that will allow Web Press Creative users to build their own personal social website that is linked with Facebook and allows for bi-directional posting with any Facebook account displaying the Facebook page content, sorting, storage and editing along with many other types of data manipulation and usages with additional options of functionality that Facebook does not offer with the Facebook page alone.

Requests for functions, services and features is very important to our developers at this stage of the development so if there is anything you have always wanted Facebook could do or have any great ideas you want to share now is the time to tell us. We can make it happen! Let us know what you would like!!

More information on the progress on this project will be available as it is available.

Thank you,
Donald Dion Web Press Creative web application developer.

Update: The WPC Package installer is now available and included with the current version 5.63.6! [ WPC self install plug-in this plug-in will self install additional add-on's, template sets and other future available scripts and updates. ]

New template theme sets are coming soon !

WPC language compiler for a symbolic scripting language that loads and utilizes core functions and includes scripts with simple directives that compiles scripting from a database library containing WPC 'Web Press Creative Preprocessed Context' directives along with the PHP functions making PHP script writing for Web Press Creative quick and simple.

Developer Pages:

Whats in development right now?

Web Press Creative v5.63.3 Install Instructions